Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea: Level 1

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When ship after ship goes down in the . Atlantic, . Dr . Pierre . Aronnax and his servant, . Conseil, journey from . Paris to learn more. . What - or who - is attacking these ships? . Aronnax, . Conseil, and the . Canadian, . Ned . Land, find the answer to this question when they meet the strange . Captain . Nemo. . After a long journey under the sea in . Nemos submarine, the . Nautilus, the doctor and his friends plan to leave for the surface. . But how can they escape?

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Бренд: Wordsworth

Jules . Verne's 20,000 . Leagues . Under . The . Sea is not only a classic science fiction novel, it is also a thrilling adventure yarn. . Professor . Aronnax, his faithful servant . Gonseil and . Canadian harpooner . Ned . Land are held prisoners aboard the fantastic submarine, the . Nautilus, by its enigmatic and charismatic commander, . Captain . Nemo: '. That terrible avenger, a perfect archangel of hatred. ' . And so begins a hazardous and eventful voyage which leads them from the lost city of . Atlantis, to the . South . Pole, hunting in underwater forests and to an encounter with a ferocious giant squid. . Published in 1870, the novel continues to fascinate and engage the reader, presenting as it does an incredible journey into a mysterious of excitement and danger!

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