Integration in the Brand Community

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The study of the relationship between consumers and brand has developed a remarkable speculation over the years. . Especially during last decade, it has been delved into the topic of brand communities – groups of consumers associated by the fact of being connected to a brand through the ownership of a product, the fruition of a service, or the sharing of an experience. . Some scholars have defined a model for measuring the integration of users within a community (Integration in the . Brand . Community, . IBC). . This study intends to validate this model, adapting it to . Apple community, through an exploratory analysis and a quantitative study, drawn up on 351 owners of . Apple products. . Afterwards, it analyses the . IBC according to the change of the amount or the typology of owned products. . At last, it examines the relation that . IBC establishes with the . Consumer-brand . Identification and the company success variables – satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy. . Finally, some implications are suggested: theoretical implications – concerning reliability and application of the model – and practical implications – . strategic-operational actions the company could implement in order to monitor the integration.

The Key of Reputation
The Key of Reputation

In todays global market, where a products lifetime decreased, a companies key for success is; providing benefit from non- material assets, which can be defined as corporate reputation. . This concept, creating competitive advantage, being inimitable, limits the mobility of rivals. . Reputation as a value, results in perception of trust, honesty and responsibility for the consumers, investors, employees, suppliers and media. . These factors necessitates the management of corporate reputation. . This work, analyzing the dimensions of corporate reputation, facts and figures about corporate identity, company culture and image with respect to brand loyalty. . The perception of reputation in . Turkish telecommunication sector is investigated, using the models of reputation quotient.

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Paul  Pignataro Leveraged Buyouts. A Practical Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity
Paul Pignataro Leveraged Buyouts. A Practical Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity

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