Diana Vreeland: The Modern Woman: Bazaar Years, 1936-1962

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A look behind the scenes at . Diana . Vreelands . Vogue, showing the legendary editor in chief in her own inimitable words. . When . Diana . Vreeland became editor in chief of . Vogue in 1963, she initiated a transformation, shaping the magazine into the dominant . U. S. fashion publication. . Vreelands . Vogue was as entertaining and innovative as it was serious about fashion, art, travel, beauty, and culture. . Vreeland rarely held meetings and communicated with her staff and photographers through memos dictated from her office or . Park . Avenue apartment. . This extraordinary compilation of more than 250 pieces of . Vreelands personal correspondence - most published here for the first time - includes letters to . Cecil . Beaton, . Horst . P. . Horst, . Norman . Parkinson, . Veruschka, and . Cristobal . Balenciaga and memos that show the direction of some of . Vogues most legendary stories. . These display . Vreelands irreverence and her characteristically over-the-top pronouncements and reveal her sharpness about the . Vogue woman and what the magazine should be. . Photographs from the magazine illustrate the memos, showing her imagination, prescience, and exactitude. . Each chapter is introduced by commentary from . Vogue editors who worked with her, giving readers a truly inside look at how . Diana . Vreeland directed the course of the magazine and fashion world.